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Our preconstruction team is focused on giving projects a smart start by providing construction expertise during the design phase to properly and thoroughly plan a project. Our preconstruction department will work with design teams to find the best value for our clients and the best construction/design solutions. Our preconstruction services have no limits. We will analyze and price as many different systems as necessary to make sure our clients are confident they are selecting the right systems and materials for their project based on upfront costs, life-cycle costs, efficiencies, and maintenance requirements.


During preconstruction, the entire JHL team is involved, from our preconstruction team to our project engineer, and superintendent. We take a very proactive approach to preconstruction. The construction team attends all of the design and progress/coordination meetings to stay current on every intricacy of the design and provide expertise on value engineering alternatives and constructability analyses. This effective planning streamlines the design process, allows for continual cost feedback, and prevents conflicts that could occur during construction.



JHL generates detailed estimates throughout the design phase; typically at conceptual design, schematic design, design development, 50%, 90%, and 100% drawings. These estimates and our subcontractor pricing are entirely ‘open-book’ to our clients and architects. Each scope of work is bid by a minimum of three firms to ensure the best pricing for our clients.


Between milestone estimates, our preconstruction process doesn’t stand idle waiting for the next set of documents to show the financial impact of the decisions being made. We proactively collaborate at all of the Design Advisory Group and design consultant meetings.  As new ideas are discussed that impact costs, the scope adjustment and the associated change in cost are tracked on our Scope Adjustment Log. This process and documentation allows for prompt decision making that includes the full picture – both the benefit of the scope change, as well as the cost implication. The log describes the cost change, dates when it was first discussed, and displays when the item was approved or rejected for a full account of the decision making process.



Our team, along with subcontractors, continuously reviews the construction documents and provides system cost analyses to help determine the best value for our clients. We make recommendations on ways to save on costs, without affecting the quality or look of the design. We also provide advice on life-cycle costing of systems and alternative systems. JHL will present our value engineering ideas and the associated savings at the weekly design meetings with the entire team. Additionally we will work with the design team to develop alternates to be priced out at the same time as the base bid, in order to take advantage of the competitive bid market for both the base bid and alternates.



JHL performs constructability reviews throughout the design phase. We review the plans from a builder’s perspective and identify areas that could cause risks, affect the progress of the project, or save a client money. Constructability reviews will be done by the Estimators, Project Manager, Superintendent, and we ask our subcontractors for their feedback as well.



At project award, JHL meets with the owner and design team to put together a preliminary schedule utilizing P6 by Primavera Systems. The preliminary schedule utilized during the design phase is expanded upon through interaction with each of our subcontractors as well as input from our own work force to create a manageable schedule to ensure that the project is completed on time. This schedule incorporates critical dates for decision making, permit procurement, bid packages, shop drawings, procurement of long lead items, phasing, and owner occupancy requirements.



JHL has a long history of establishing detailed and accurate GMPs early in the design phase. On average, the variance between our initial estimate and final construction cost is under 1.0%, with the majority of the change due to owner added scope. This successfully history is the result of our thorough preconstruction approach and active involvement in the design process.


All costs are tracked using the schedule of values based off of the approved GMP estimate throughout the construction process and any change orders will be logged in and reflected in the schedule when approved. The job cost management system that JHL utilizes is AccuBuild, which tracks costs by Construction Specification Institute CSI phases as well as detailed accounting within those phases for labor, overtime, materials, subcontractors, temporary labor services and other / equipment costs. This system is tied directly into our change order management system, this helps to insure efficient administration of the overall GMP budget.



For JHL, quality control starts in preconstruction. We make sure that the systems and details on the plans will result in a quality project. If there is a question regarding specified scope, JHL brings the issue up in the design meeting to be resolved. Quality control also involves proper subcontractor selection. We prequalify subcontractors and make sure that they have a successful project history and are financially capable to complete the scope of work.



JHL is very knowledgeable in LEED/CO-CHPS criteria and processes, and we are on the cutting edge of sustainable design and construction methods. Our company is made up of LEED Accredited Professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary to guide our clients in green design and construction decisions. Our goal is to save energy cost and operational costs so that the money saved goes back to our clients. JHL is an active member of CHPS and USGBC Colorado.



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During construction, our approach focuses on constant communication and keeping our clients up to date on construction activities. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable construction process for our clients.



JHL uses CMiC, a web based project management software. This program brings together the entire team, in a real-time, online project management environment. CMiC simplifies document management, tracks cost documentation, automates tasks such as RFI’s and submittals, generates meeting minutes, and tracks all communication between team members. Clients and architects are able to log on at any time and on any computer to see the status of the project.



Weekly on-site meetings are established and attended by the Project Manager, Project Engineer, and Superintendent from JHL Constructors, as well as any necessary subcontractors. The owner, the architect, and any other consultants are encouraged to attend each of these meetings where we will discuss all pertinent issues. The project manager and superintendent hold separate weekly meetings with the key subcontractors to review their two-week or three-week look ahead schedules, overall progress, change order history and any safety concerns.



A critical differentiator between JHL and our competitors is our comprehensive approach to quality. Quality control at JHL is a critical element of our culture, similar to our approach to safety, and is deeply rooted in the minds and approach of every member of our staff, from preconstruction through field operations and closeout/warranty.  Quality is behind every action and decision we make. JHL is committed to continuous measurable improvement. On every project, we will fully understand and communicate our client’s expectations and perform work that meets or exceeds those expectations.  We will DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. This is why our field personnel are extremely adept, and necessarily so. We realize that in the construction industry quality can be elusive. The only way to ensure quality is to staff each project with employees who understand that value has to be built into every element of the work, no matter how small. This attitude and culture results in top quality buildings that far exceed owner expectations.


JHL is dedicated to producing the highest quality of craftsmanship on every project. This is never compromised. Top quality craftsmanship is, however, only part of our equation for quality. JHL’s entire project team is involved in the ongoing process of Total Quality Management; we constantly look for ways to better serve our client’s needs, whatever they may be. It is our policy to suggest superior building materials and cost reduction strategies designed to assist the owner in meeting their quality objectives while being conscientious of the budget.


As we move into the construction phase of the project, quality is further guaranteed by a rigorous system of preconstruction and pre-installation meetings with the sub-trades, and quality control verification walks at various points in the progress of the work (typically at about 10%, 50%, 90%, and 100% completion of each element of the work).  We create accountability, both internally and with the sub-trades, utilizing our tablet based iAuditor system that utilizes a wealth of task-specific templates that are tailored to the project during preconstruction. This system drives direct responsibility all the way down to the craft person physically installing the work and generates a complete report with photos, comprehensive documentation, and signature acknowledgment by the subcontractor. This allows us to continually verify that any items of potential concern are corrected as the work progresses.  The end goal and result is very minor punch lists which save the entire owner and A/E/C team time and guarantee expeditious closeout to allow the client’s use of the facility for its intended purpose without contractor punch list interruption.



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At the completion of the project, all members of our team work together to complete all closeout activity, submit as-built and maintenance manuals, and coordinate punch-list items with the subcontractors.  All necessary releases and guaranties are submitted to the owner.  All warranty items are documented and a plan established to follow up with any problems, which may arise subsequent to owner occupancy.


Our project team is available any time after construction as a resource to our clients. Whether it is follow-up training on mechanical systems, a warranty problem, or anything else, we are here for you long after project close-out.




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