Cimarron Middle School


Location: Parker, CO
Size: 132,000 SF
Owner: Douglas County School District
Market: K-12 Education
Architect: CRP Architects


This school was designed around a “town square” philosophy of space design. The heart of the school provides spaces for community gatherings as well as school performances. Surrounding the town square are all of the “town services” -administration, kitchen, as well as all of the exploratory classrooms. This leaves all of the quiet, academic classrooms to be arranged in “neighborhoods” which pinwheel off of the town square. This highly efficient building provides space for 1,000 middle school students but doesn’t feel like a big school. Without a lot of corridors, almost all of the building can be used for education and not wasted. Green aspects of the school include ice storage tanks, evaporative cooling towers, occupancy sensors for classroom lighting, motorized blinds, and high efficiency glazing.


“Your ability to meet difficult schedules and the high level of quality in construction are unmatched in the industry. The district is very fortunate and proud to work with the exceptional people at JHL Constructors.”

Douglas County School District Board of Education

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