Highland High School Campus


Location: Ault, CO
Size: 50,000 SF
Owner: Weld RE-9 School District
Market: K-12 Education
Architect: DLR Group


This project included three additions to the existing Highland High School campus. The new VoAg shop included welding equipment as well as classroom areas. The new gymnasium includes six basketball backboards, a volleyball main court and cross courts, wall pads, one set of bleachers, and acoustic wall panels. The second phase of the project included a new community arts building with a music room, two art rooms, a kitchen, cafeteria area, and a stage/ platform area. The project also added new weight/training rooms and locker/changing rooms.


“Your team on this project has been great to work with. To tackle a project that is far from home and make it look this easy is unbelievable. There have been many challenges on this project and the JHL team has helped us navigate the rocky roads with ease. The dedication that your field team has shown to the quality of the work and the safety of our students and staff truly reflects on their caliber. When we work with the office, it is always clear that JHL is trying to deliver the greatest value for our students and we cannot express how much we appreciate all you’ve done to deliver the best quality and truly stretch our dollars to deliver the most scope.”

Rob Ring
Weld RE-9 School District

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