"Quite a bit has changed in the market since I started this company in 1987, in a down market, with three kids in diapers, and my wife thinking I may be nuts. We’ve gone from two employees to more than fifty, from several hundred thousand dollars in annual volume to currently more than $125 million (and growing), and I’ve proudly seen my kids grow up, become successful, start families of their own and give me the joy of being a grandfather.


Many things however have remained the same. The values I learned from my mentor early in my career have never changed: the values of unwavering honesty, integrity, and conducting business with longevity of the relationship in mind. In the end, like it was so many years ago, it comes down to simply doing what you say you are going to do and the value of the relationships you have.  These relationships gave me my start, brought valuable people to work for me, made it possible to get my first bond, and lead to our first big break into the school market. Our relationships today continue to strengthen our reputation, which is more valuable than any fee we make on a job.


Over the years this company has been an extended family. It started that way with my first four Stockholders and is still the case with our employee owners today. The talent throughout this organization, complete with the seasoned veterans we still have, and the young professionals we have developed over the years into our leadership, excites me about JHL’s future. It is with great pride that I’ll watch JHL Constructors’ legacy and reputation be built."


John L. Hachmeister

Founder of JHL Constructors, Inc.

Hachmeister Family




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