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Years in the Industry


Education / Training

Bachelor of Science - Finance, Florida State University
Erosion Control Supervisor of Science - Red Rocks
Traffic Control Supervisor

Favorite Project

My favorite project to date is my current assignment. Our team is constructing a new leach pad for a confidential client while working around some of the largest mining equipment in the world. It’s beyond cool!

Community Involvement

I love volunteering with Habitat For Humanity!

What I Like Best About JHL

The people, it's apparent that everyone genuinely wants you to be here.

Favorite Pastime / Hobby

Cycling, I own six bicycles. They say the perfect number is N+1.

Drink of Choice

Moscow Mule, or a Margarita (real lime juice)

First Car

Dolphin Grey Audi A4

Favorite Artists

Love anything with a good beat. Country, Hip Hop and Rock n' Roll

Favorite Food

My father is 100% Italian, so it's Pasta or bust.

Most Interesting Place Traveled

Colombia, such a beautiful country! I've been three times to date.

Secret Talent

I'm a pretty decent photographer. I try to keep my camera in my vehicle to catch cool shots of my team while at work.

The Superpower I Would Want

To fly, it would be an awful fun way to commute! With over 300 skydives under my belt, I have a bleak idea of what it's like to "fall in style."

Words To Live By

"Never give up in those dark moments, they fade. But if you give into them, they last forever."