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Senior Accountant

Years in the Industry


Education / Training

Masters - Accountancy, CPA, University of Missouri-Columbia

Professional Organizations

Colorado Society of CPAs

What I Like Best About JHL

My favorite aspect of JHL is the strong culture of teamwork and support. It’s a place where everyone is genuinely invested in each other’s success, making it a truly rewarding environment to be a part of.

Most Interesting Place Traveled

I recently went on a trip to South Africa which proved to be one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been. Between the safaris and breathtaking views, South Africa is a must-visit destination!

Favorite Song

My favorite song changes on a weekly basis, most days you can find me listening to Post Malone. However, my favorite karaoke song will always be Love Story by Taylor Swift (with Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams coming in at a close 2nd).

Favorite Pastime / Hobby

As a retired mediocre high school athlete, I’ve found golf to be my biggest hobby in an attempt to fill that competitive void. My favorite courses that I’ve played in CO are Breckinridge Golf Club and The Broadmoor Golf Club.