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Eagle County Charter Academy

ECCA formerly operated out of several modular trailers with a student population of 300. The school received a grant from the Colorado Department of Education’s Building Excellent School’s Today (BEST) program in 2011 to build a new facility. The new 43,000 SF school includes 20 classrooms, two science classrooms, a gymnasium, computer classrooms, and a library. The project is LEED Gold Certified.



Edwards, CO


43,000 SF


Eagle County Charter Academy




Larson Incitti Architects

“JHL was hired following the initial dismissal of another construction company that did not work out for ECCA. Immediately, I could see a difference in the way they approached our project. They looked carefully at our school surroundings and culture and presented a well-organized proposal to our Capital Construction Committee with suggestions that would make our school unique. With their help, we made changes to our initial plan and now have a school that captures stunning views of our local mountain scenery and benefits our students by maximizing the use of our surrounding property. JHL employees are truly team players! They listened with integrity, followed up, and helped me to problem solve even the smallest of matters. The team was able to look at potential issues, like a school parking lot that would need to serve as a daily playground for 325 students, and make high quality, useful suggestions. I could count on the fact that decisions they made consistently put students first.”

Kim Walter
Principal Eagle County Charter Academy