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Kim K-12 Campus

This project began with the abatement and demolition of the existing community building which was structurally failing. The project included the renovation of the 1938 historic building to house the high school and administration offices and a new building for the elementary classrooms, VoAg shop, gymnasium, locker rooms, kitchen, stage, and cafeteria. The stone from the demolished community building were salvaged and used throughout the addition’s exterior and interior.



Kim, CO


32,000 SF


Kim School District


K-12 Education


RTA/Alan Ford Architecture

“JHL Constructors took on the challenge of building a K-12 school in Southern Colorado with a budget that was three million dollars underfunded. Along with a budget shortfall they were required to repurpose stone from a demolished WPA gym and incorporate the stone into the new construction. To make the project even more complex the nearest town with any resources including fuel, lodging, and groceries was 60 miles away. The Kim School District project was, to say the least, challenging. I was particularly impressed with the effort the JHL staff put into working closely with members of the community to encourage their input and honor their values and ideas. What started out to be an impossible project, turned out to be a beautiful campus that will serve the students and community of Kim for decades to come. JHL Constructors will be the company I turn to first for any construction needs.”

Monica Johnson
Former Superintendent