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Colorado Water Congress
2023 Annual Convention

The Steamboat Grand
August 22-24, 2023


JHL is a fully integrated, Colorado-based and Colorado-focused construction firm, serving our clients in the markets of Infrastructure and Vertical Building. The work programs within JHL’s Infrastructure market are: Water/Wastewater, Large-Scale Land Development, Transportation, and Mining.

Our Water/Wastewater work program specializes in: Transmission, Storage, and Treatment.

Field Team Members
Bonding Capacity
2022 Contractor of the Year

Key Personnel

Oliver Wesley

Construction Executive

Robert Wahl

Vice President


RMRP Water Treatment Plant

Watkins, CO

The Rocky Mountain Rail Park Water Treatment Plant project aimed to establish a state-of-the-art water treatment facility, that supports current and future operations of a 640-acre greenfield rail-served industrial development. The design-build project between Plummer and Associates and JHL, included four (4) onsite water wells, chemical treatment, hydropneumatic tankage, pumps, a half million-gallon treated water storage tank, a distribution booster pump system, and a backup fire pump system. First, JHL led the effort for design, permitting, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance of a temporary water treatment and fire suppression system to support the site during the construction of the permanent plant. Once the permanent facility was established, JHL successfully performed a tie-in between the temporary and permanent treatment systems within a limited outage, ensuring uninterrupted operations. JHL self-perform elements included earthwork, concrete, process pipe, and yard piping, with our subcontracting partners performing mechanical, electrical, and controls. The result was a water treatment facility that can treat and provide over 900,000 gallons/day to this new rail-served industrial development.

Chief Creek #4 Dam

Wray, CO

The Chief Creek #4 Dam Outlet project included rehabilitation of the existing outlet conduit with a UV CIPP liner and construction of a concrete grade beam. Additional scope included removal and replacement of the concrete facing on the upstream slope of the dam, abandonment of an existing outlet conduit, and other miscellaneous work.


Griswold WPF Raw Water Structure Improvements - Phase 2

Aurora, CO

This project consists of an 8,000 SF cast-in-place and precast concrete structure and associated site / infrastructure work. The scope relocated and enclosed the 42-inch diameter Quincy Reservoir supply line and the 62-inch diameter Rampart Range Reservoir supply line into the Griswold facility. The new work accommodates concurrent valve operation to cover a flow range between 0 and 120 millions of gallons per day.


Prairie Waters Pipeline Installation

Aurora, CO

District infrastructure work related to Prairie Waters Pipeline including: mobilization, erosion control setup and maintenance, earthwork, dewatering, demolition of existing 60-inch water line and fittings, installation of 900 LF of 72-inch steel casing pipe, installation of 3,117 LF of 60-inch steel water line, ARV vault, butterfly valve vault with 6-inch blow-offs, two manways, cathodic protection, utility markers, fencing and site restoration.

The Aurora Highlands Tributary & Structures

Aurora, CO

This infrastructure package will support the Aurora Highlands’ master plan development. The project includes over 200 acres of civil work, including grading and stabilization of the primary tributary drainageway, structural excavation and backfill, balance grading, construction of five bridge structures and pedestrian passageways, approximately 4.5 lane miles of roadway, curb and gutter, detached sidewalk, site retaining walls, 18’x6’ precast box culvert, and over five miles of water, sanitary, and storm utilities.

Operations, Maintenance & Administration Building

Parker, CO

This building will house a total of 180 administrative and maintenance professionals across two curved (segmented) levels that share a center point marked by the highest point of the site – inspired by a drop of water’s concentric rings of outward momentum.

The program is roughly split 60:30:10 between maintenance bays, an open-plan workplace, and a high-performance water quality laboratory. The project has undertaken an immersive workplace strategy initiative – combing both administrative and maintenance staff into a shared departmental, flexible, and module office environment.

2022 – 2023 VLF2 PHASE III


This remote project at over 10,000 feet elevation is an earthen fill dam and liner project that will be used for leaching gold from over 40 million cubic yards of ore. The project is a two-season project and includes over four million cubic yards of earthwork; 100,000 LF of HPDE fusion welded pipe, CPE pipe and stainless steel riser and collection pipe; special clay liner fill; and 100 acres of HPDE liner. Additional work involved extending the 30” steel line, installing 15 weld-o-lets, 3 flanges, 2 valves, a pressure tap, and meeting welding specifications.