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Binney Water Purification Facility Flocculation / Sedimentation Basin Structure

The project consists of the construction of a new building over existing sedimentation and flocculation basins at the Binney Water Purification Facility. The basins for the Aurora Reservoir Treatment Train were constructed open to the atmosphere. With this exposure, water quality and treatment are subject to wide variations related to weather events. The new building is a structural steel frame superstructure on a new corbel foundation with architectural precast wall panels, metal panels, EPDM roof, faux masonry veneer, and standing seam roof. The building includes a new restroom, (2) overhead bridge cranes, (3) jib cranes, and (1) monorail crane.



Aurora, CO


New 655 SF / Renovated 22,127 SF


City of Aurora


Hazen and Sawyer