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Buena Vista Infiltration Gallery Expansion

The project included the construction of a new raw water infiltration gallery transmission line, along with the installation of essential equipment to enhance water transfer and monitoring capabilities. Including two infiltration gallery raw water transfer pumps, a reliable generator, and all associated process monitoring instrumentation and equipment. Additionally, the project encompasses the installation of necessary process valves and piping, the construction of valve vaults for housing critical valve assemblies, and the development of an access drive to facilitate maintenance and operational accessibility. A significant aspect of the project is the installation of the new pipe, which stretches across Cottonwood Creek. To achieve this, a complex creek diversion was required, demanding extensive planning and coordination. The creek diversion was a major endeavor, necessitating meticulous preparation and collaboration to secure an Army Core  404 permit, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards. The project’s successful execution hinged on addressing these challenges, integrating the new equipment seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, and ensuring minimal environmental impact while enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the water supply system.



Buena Vista, CO


Town of Buena Vista


JVA, Incorporated