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RMRP Water Treatment Plant

The Rocky Mountain Rail Park Water Treatment Plant project aimed to establish a state-of-the-art water treatment facility, that supports current and future operations of a 640-acre greenfield rail-served industrial development. The design-build project between Plummer and Associates and JHL, included four (4) onsite water wells, chemical treatment, hydropneumatic tankage, pumps, a half million-gallon treated water storage tank, a distribution booster pump system, and a backup fire pump system. First, JHL led the effort for design, permitting, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance of a temporary water treatment and fire suppression system to support the site during the construction of the permanent plant. Once the permanent facility was established, JHL successfully performed a tie-in between the temporary and permanent treatment systems within a limited outage, ensuring uninterrupted operations. JHL self-perform elements included earthwork, concrete, process pipe, and yard piping, with our subcontracting partners performing mechanical, electrical, and controls. The result was a water treatment facility that can treat and provide over 900,000 gallons/day to this new rail-served industrial development.



Watkins, CO


Rocky Mountain Industrials