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April 2022 – Grand Opening, K-9 Training Field

Centennial, CO – The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office held the Grand Opening of their improved K-9 Training Field. The field was completed with the generosity of funding from Back the Blue K-9 Force (BTBK9F), The Hachmeister Family Foundation and JHL Constructors, Inc (JHL). During the opening ceremony, Brian Townsend, JHL project executive received recognition for his efforts.

“I love dogs and worked this project to honor John. If he were alive, this is exactly the type of thing he would have done,” said Townsend who oversaw the bidding and buyout on behalf of JHL. He continued by saying that it was a great opportunity to support BTBK9F, the organization that spear-headed the effort.

John Hachmeister founded JHL in 1987 and began a tradition of giving back. As JHL continues his legacy, they often support The Hachmeister Family Foundation in their charitable endeavors.

Townsend indicated the project was a true collaboration between BTBK9F, the Sheriff’s office and JHL. The project began in December 2020 with a land acquisition. The construction began in September 2021.