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October 2023 – Grand Opening, Denver Academy’s New Louise McCabe Performing Arts Center

Denver, CO – On the evening of Wednesday, October 25, Denver Academy (DA) celebrated the grand opening of the new Louise McCabe Performing Arts Center. Representatives from JHL, Clutch Design Studio (Clutch), and Anser Advisory joined DA’s esteemed faculty and generous donors of DA’s Building on Excellence Capital Campaign for this momentous VIP occasion.

JHL Project Manager Diego Rodriguez, expressed his excitement stating, “This new center is truly a testament to collaboration and creativity. It’s an honor for us to have been an integral part of the project team that successfully brought this remarkable facility to life and will showcase student’s talents and passions for years to come.”

Designed by Clutch, this state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a grand theater capable of accommodating up to 250 guests. Additionally, it boasts a versatile black box theater, cutting-edge sound, lighting, and AV systems, among other modern amenities. As a dynamic community hub on the DA campus, the Louise McCabe Performing Arts Center is primed to serve as the premier venue for a wide range of events, from plays and talent shows to musical concerts, lectures, and assemblies.

“Over the course of almost two decades, JHL has had the honor of collaborating with Denver Academy. Throughout the years, we’ve helped bring their visions into reality through various projects including the construction of a new high school, library, gymnasium, and the latest James E. Loan Athletic Facility,” says Vice President Jeff Johnson. “We’re proud to continue this partnership with delivery of the Louise McCabe Performing Arts Center, a space where both current and future actors can create and inspire”.

For more information about the Performing Arts Center, visit HERE