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John L. Hachmeister Legacy Scholarship | Luis Rojas

John Hachmeister founded JHL in 1987 on the premise that employees and relationships make the difference in creating a successful company. Our trademark ‘Building Colorado’s Future’ means more than our projects, it’s also the connections forged along the way.

In the Spring of 2017, as a gift presented to our Founder in celebration of JHL’s 30th Anniversary, the John L. Hachmeister Legacy Scholarship was created and aptly named to honor the legacy John was determined to leave behind through JHL. His vision and values are very much present in our “all-in” culture and is embodied through our daily interactions with coworkers, trade partners, clients, family and friends.

Investing in our people and helping them grow in their career is part of our foundation. This scholarship is an extension of that foundation and allows a student in the Department of Construction Management at John’s alma mater, Colorado State University (CSU), to follow their passion in the construction industry and achieve their goals.

Luis Rojas, the most recent graduate of the John L. Hachmeister Legacy Scholarship exudes the qualities John stood for. From his exceptional work ethic beginning at a young age, his unwavering integrity, to his ability to work well with others, Luis not only earned this scholarship; he has become an amazing addition to the JHL Team!

Watch his full interview here.

Applications are now open until March 1, 2023. If you’re a CSU student, please reach out to the Construction Management’s Main Office for additional information regarding eligibility and criteria.