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Maybell Diversion Restoration

About the Project

The Maybell Ditch is located in northwest Colorado on the Lower Yampa River, downstream of Craig and upstream of Dinosaur National Monument. The Maybell Diversion structure, hand-built in 1896, channels water through a headgate into the Maybell Ditch to irrigate pasture and ranchlands and provide livestock water. The 18-mile-long canal supports one of the largest irrigation systems in the Yampa River Basin, providing water for the Town of Maybell and agricultural producers. The Lower Yampa offers ample recreational opportunities and is home to abundant wildlife, including four threatened and endangered fish species.  The Nature Conservancy and Maybell Irrigation District are working together to rehabilitate the diversion and modernize the headgate in conjunction with J-U-B Engineers and River Restoration as the design team and JHL Constructors as the construction firm. This multi-benefit project will improve irrigation efficiency, control of water, and boater safety, ensuring that the diversion provides water to those who need it while improving riparian habitat connectivity and fish passage in the Yampa River.

JHL Constructors is building the project and offers photos of the project-to-date and aerial imagery below.  For additional project information, please contact Jennifer Wellman, [email protected], with The Nature Conservancy or Charlie Bisbee with JHL, [email protected].

Additional project information can be found here: Maybell Irrigation Ditch Project | The Nature Conservancy in CO


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