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Women in Construction Week 2023 | Field Operations Team

Did you ever see yourself having a career in construction?

Heather: I’ve been around construction most of my life, but as a little girl, no I did not think I would grow up to become a Safety Manager in construction.

Verla: Yes.

Becky: Yes.


What was your first introduction/job in the AEC industry?

Heather: Cleaning up my dad’s shop starting around the age of 5.

Verla: Denver International Airport.

Becky: Labor.


What do you love most about your career?

Heather: Educating and meeting so many wonderful people.

Verla: Being able to build and seeing your progress daily. It builds confidence and pride in what you’re doing.

Becky: Being able to point out what I built.


What is the most surprising thing about being in the industry?

Heather: That’s a tough question; in my role nothing surprises me because I am surprised everyday! A very pleasant surprise is how genuinely JHL’s Construction Safety Community came together during the pandemic and built a lasting community of support and sharing.

Verla: My passion for being able to see a building go from dirt and prints to a satisfied customer.

Becky: How the building goes from dirt to the building.


What is your advice for women starting out in the industry?

Heather: Be your authentic self, you are bringing a lot to the table, and you deserve a seat at the table!

Verla: Never be afraid to ask questions and learn something new everyday.

Becky: Give it your all and don’t hold back.