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Women in Construction Week 2023 | Marketing & Business Development Team

(L-R) Brianna Hallmark, Alexandra Gish, Emi Fitzsimons, Jocelyn Taylor


Did you ever see yourself having a career in construction?

Emi: I definitely did not, but I can’t imagine myself in any other industry.

Brianna: At the time I was interviewing for work, absolutely not! I wasn’t aware of all the different roles (office and field) a construction firm needed.

Jocelyn: No, absolutely not. When I went to college, I never knew this industry existed for marketing professionals.

Alexandra: I did not, but once I started to build ever lasting relationships through my sales/business development roles, I knew construction would be my forever home.


What was your first introduction/job in the AEC industry?

Emi: I was a Marketing Assistant/Receptionist for an architecture firm out of college.

Brianna: Ironically, it was through a close family friend/roofing subcontractor. After living abroad for 10 months and moving back to the States, he took the time and listened to what I was looking for in a job. Being in the business himself, he recommended I look into construction. Four years later, he was right, I couldn’t imagine being in another industry.

Jocelyn: I was a Marketing Coordinator for an Architecture/Engineering firm right after school and have stayed in the industry ever since.

Alexandra: It was when I was working in the trash/recycling industry and walking into construction trailers on job sites.


What do you love most about your career?

Emi: I have dabbled in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction and am forever grateful to see how each one functions and works together. I have always been drawn towards construction because of the people. From the hardworking boots on the ground to the elementary school student attending their first day at their brand new school.

Brianna: The impact and lasting impression we can give our team members, clients and community! With every internal and external web page, posting and/or event, it’s an opportunity to show people what JHL is all about. We strive for ‘Best in Class’ service, and that holds true in all that we do. Related to my position – I have the opportunity to share our founder’s story and many of JHL’s firsts. It’s a large, but humbling task; and one that I’m very excited about sharing more of this year.

Jocelyn: I love how rewarding it is! It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of a project from the proposal stage to the ribbon cutting and then be able to drive by a complete building or site and take pride in the part you played in bringing it to fruition.

Alexandra: The connections I have made have become family.


What is the most surprising thing about being in the industry?

Emi: Before being in construction I had no idea how many people it took to build a building. The architects/engineers designing the project, the team that takes the design and starts putting a plan in place to make it possible, and to the many people that build that building making it a reality!

Brianna: The job opportunities and career growth that’s available!

Jocelyn: The amount of opportunities available for marketing professionals. From proposals and interviews, to social media, press releases/blog posts, event planning, and more. There’s really something for everyone and it offers variety from day to day!


What is your advice for women starting out in the industry?

Emi: This industry isn’t easy but if you have the desire to work hard and a positive outlook, it can be just as rewarding!

Brianna: Be open minded about the opportunities in Construction. Be confident, work hard, be organized and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions; you’re in the room for a reason.

Jocelyn: Ask questions and be hungry but humble! Like I said before, marketing for an A/E/C firm is not necessarily taught in college, so ask questions, be a team player, and be vocal about what interests you. You never know what career path could appear before you if you speak up!

Alexandra: Join memberships where you can build your network and join committees to meet new people.