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2021 EGSD
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Adam Fernan




Granby Elementary School

This 70,000 SF replacement school is a true testament to EGSD’s commitment to providing new and upgraded facilities that will provide an optimal learning environment for current and future generations of students.

The new elementary school will address concerns regarding the growing student population and feature three pre-K classrooms, special education classrooms, art and science rooms, a cafeteria and kitchen, counselor offices and a gymnasium. Additionally, separate playgrounds for pre-K and elementary students are included to facilitate outdoor play.


Middle Park High School – Career Center

Middle Park High School – Athletic Fields Renovation

Fraser Valley Elementary School

This addition of four classrooms and interior renovation will guarantee the modernization of Fraser Valley Elementary School facilities and account for the rising student enrollment. These additions and renovations will feature new flooring in the common area, cafetorium upgrades, ADA accessible restrooms. The exterior of the building will also see improvements from a new roof and roof drains, replacing exterior wood windows, overall improved heat and air circulation, and improvements for overall energy efficiency.


East Grand Middle School – Renovation

Photos provided by Munn Architecture.

Site Safety

Safety is our top priority! On all school projects, JHL utilizes Raptorware for all subcontractors on site, an access and tracking system that scans identification cards (drivers licenses, alien registration cards, green cards, and passports) and immediately conducts a background check with current information. Any person that is flagged by Raptorware will be refused entry to the site. Prior to subcontractor selection, companies are required to sign JHL’s project specific guidelines contract. A requirement of this includes drug testing and background checks for all employees who will be on campus.

Our safety program begins with our safety committee and extends to each and every person who sets foot on a JHL jobsite. We realize that, especially in the construction industry, there has been a discrepancy between practice and policy with regard to on the job safety. Our approach to reconciling that discrepancy is to instill each of our employees with a personal devotion to safety and the dedication to insure that each of our jobsites remains an accident free environment.

JHL’s safety record is one of the best in the industry and we are committed to keeping it that way. JHL has never once had an incident or accident with a student, staff member, or community member on any of our projects.