Alta Vista Charter School


Location: Alta Vista Charter School
Size: 30,000 SF
Owner: Lamar, CO
Market: Charter School / K-12 Education
Architect: Hord Coplan Macht


Alta Vista Charter School was formerly housed in a 1917 historic brick structure and three additional modular classroom trailers located around the site perimeter. New construction added approximately 19,000 square feet of much needed space for the school. Additionally, the 1917 building underwent a historic renovation to preserve the building and its historic character. Alta Vista Charter School is the first Colorado Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CO-CHPS) project certified in the State.


“JHL performed beyond expectations on this project. They were able to meet an aggressive schedule to be ready for the new school year. JHL went out of their way beyond normal circumstances in engaging the local subcontractor market and work around constraints to bring local labor for participation where possible.”

Jeff Reed
Owner’s Representative

“I am grateful for JHL’s dedication, persistence, and overall kind and gracious attitudes throughout the project! JHL was phenomenal to work with.”

Talara Coen
Principal Alta Vista Charter School


Award: ACE Project of the Year 2011
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